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Regenerate is the new name for the youth program. This group has a mission to reach youth 6th-12th grade. We long to see youth have the desire to know Christ Jesus and have Him lead their everyday lives. We will be equipping Youth by teaching them from a historical, theological and devotional standpoint in the scripture which you will learn more what that looks like further in the article. Given these tools we hope they grow a desire to faithfully walk in and with the Spirit throughout their lives. The Church's desire is to meet for fellowship and study weekly at the Ministry House to join
together to learn about the scriptures. These meetings will be every Wednesday at 5:30 pm. We
ask to join in prayer, that youth would be hungry for God's word and have a desire to come and
fellowship. Our hope for this ministry is to help young believers learn what it's like to live within a
Christian community.

The Youth will learn in three pivotal areas:

Historical- This will provide a historical perspective of the Bible and the events at that given time.

Theological- This will provide a basic understanding on logic and reasoning of Christian beliefs. When it comes to asking them about truth and thoughts, they will be able to reason what is true and false.

Devotional- This will equip the young adults to love and depend on God's word, and grow into a deeper personal relationship and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Please continue to pray so you can come along side us to share in what God will do. May we pray earnestly together to bring the youth to a deeper knowledge of Christ.


If our Sunday nights sound like something you would be interested in helping with, take a look at your calendar and consider joining us. Just let Matthew know through e-mail or a phone call. 509-947-5018