Palouse Federated Church
  635 BridgeStreet
Palouse, WA  99161
(509) 878-1509
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“Celebrating Our Past, Our Present and Our Future”

Sixty years ago, visionary Christian leaders in Palouse, decided to combine or “federate” the Methodist, Baptist and Presbyterian congregations into one local church. The result was and is Palouse Federated Church.
We are proud of our heritage and the way God brought us together. Rev. Don Aeschliman was the first pastor to serve Palouse Federated Church and he preached Sunday, October 7th at the 9am service.  It was a special honor to have the first pastor back with us, sharing God’s word.

Just a few short years ago, as I was being called by God to serve at Palouse, I was intrigued to learn about the church’s foundation, and how one of its founding principles was to respect people from different Christian traditions. This respect is in our “DNA” it is part of who we were and who we are.
In our purpose statement we as a congregation also commit to being “ambassadors of God” who “proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ.” I believe we are striving to live out that commitment in the present. We are God’s humble servants, who desire to live out and share the teachings of Jesus Christ. 
We believe that Jesus Christ is the savior of the World, the Lord of life. This belief drives us to be active in our community, loving our neighbors as Christ called us to do.

As pastor of Palouse Federated Church I am very proud of our heritage. But, I am convinced that the best years are ahead of us.  I say this not out of arrogance, but out of a belief that God is always working to good and wants to build on the good in the past and present to make an even better future.
I am proud of the “good ole days” of Palouse Federated Church. And I am excited to see how God will use our past, to give us blessings in the present and future.
God is up to something good, its just God’s nature. God is good.
On a personal level- let me ask you a few questions: Do you feel your best years are behind you? Do you have faith that God could have something wonderful in store for you in the coming days, weeks, months and years? Do you see your past as something to hold on to? Or something to build upon?
Friends- God is up to something good. God’s plan has been to bring more and more good into the world through His Church. God was bringing in the good 2000 years ago, God was doing it 60 years ago, God is doing it today and will bringing in the good for the rest of time. 
So God is active bringing good into the world through the Body of Christ. The next sixty years will be filled with wonderful stories of changed lives for God, of baptisms, conversions, marriages saved, and servants who love their neighbors and share the good news of Jesus Christ.